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Experience you can trust.

 We are experts at negotiating high-stakes, multi-stakeholder deals.

We have over 45 years of executive experience delivering creative, innovative and flexible IT hardware, software and services to government and commercial customers. Our experience has given us unique insights into the art of negotiating large contracts in the federal IT sector. We understand the potential pitfalls and remedies.


We specialize in developing and implementing strategies for acquiring enterprise software and hardware. Our principals have implemented more than 40 enterprise license agreements worth over $1 billion. Our experience and insights can help you develop and negotiate an acquisition strategy that Contracting Officers can implement.  


The IT ecosystem is constantly evolving. We stay on top of government best practices, industry trends and regulatory changes.  We are not satisfied with doing things the way they have always been done and are early identifiers of novel approaches to complex acquisitions.



We proactively work to ensure that our clients receive a return on their investments. We don’t merely sit back and take orders.

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We provide insights.

We understand the incentive structures at big-tech companies and leverage that knowledge to create innovative solutions that meet federal customers' complex IT requirements.


We also understand the unique legal, budget, program and acquisition challenges the government faces and the pressure points they must address to satisfy multiple stakeholders with competing needs. Our experience and insights are why we are successful at brokering large, complex deals. 

Our Leaders

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Bob Bianchi


Before founding SDVO Solutions, Bob spent 25 years as a software executive specializing in big data, analytics, cloud and open-source solutions. He managed Teradata's DoD, intelligence community and national security teams. He spent seven years with Oracle as a regional vice president responsible for the core technical software teams supporting the U.S. Department of Defense and earned Oracle's Public Sector Sales Manager of the Year in 2012. He managed Sun Microsystems' federal software sales teams and was the company's Sales Manager of the Year in 2009. At Novell, Bob was vice president of sales for the East Coast.

A former U.S. Army infantryman and Maryland native, Bob earned a bachelor's degree in management and consumer studies from the University of Maryland College Park and a master's degree in public administration from the College of Charleston.


Bob enjoys hanging out with his family, water skiing, soccer and, in homage to his Italian heritage, bocce ball. 

In federal contracting, there is never a shortage of challenges. I understand how a team, working together, can overcome obstacles. 

SDVO Solutions Principal Brendan Burke

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SDVO Solutions Values


After working for large software companies for more than 25 years, SDVO Solutions CEO Bob Bianchi craved the flexibility to develop more nimble and quick acquisition solutions for the federal government. As a small business, SDVO Solutions can make fast decisions and quickly adapt to unique customer requirements. 

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